Regenerative Medicine Today – Ray – Podcast #134

When you are on the lookout for regenerative medicine then you’ll find the following post helpful. All of us are Regenerative Medicine gurus have compiled this article below that we hope you will find educational and of use when shopping for where are stem cells found. Be sure to search around the pages of our web-site for past articles and videos; also be on the lookout for additional information regarding this topic from our day by day blog and article publishing.

Regenerative Medicine Today welcomes Herbert Ray, DMD.  Dr. Ray is an Assistant Professor of Endodontics and the Director, Graduate Endodontic Residency Program, University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Ray discusses his work on dental pulp regeneration.For more information about Dr. Ray, click here.For more information about the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, visit: McGowan Institute Research Site McGowan Institute Patient Site McGowan Institute o…Regenerative Medicine Today – Ray – Podcast #134

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